About Us

QED Ltd. is a software development company established in Zagreb, Croatia in 2014. Our main areas of interest are software design, web and mobile development and data analysis. QED Ltd. is a team of young and ambitious people who love to take on new challenges and build efficient and innovative solutions to answer every need of our every client.


Data Science

We think that data science and machine learning are the future, which is precisely why we constantly try to perfect our knowledge in these ever-developing areas. We have built a large number of analytical software ourselves, but we have also cooperated with many clients who needed their business data analyzed. Realizing these projects requires a lot of effort and knowledge, but we can proudly say that our team has both!

Web Development

We believe that the Internet is the perfect place to introduce the rest of the world to your business, hobby or a startup project. You could also maybe wish for creating some sort of a new platform you want others to use. No matter what precisely you want us to create, or even how developed your idea is, we enjoy making these projects come to life as we want to help you achieve your goals and create your own digital world!


Software Design

We provide you with a complete product, conducting all the steps from project planning to realization and final product evaluation. Our focus is on developing web and mobile software by using the latest standards and frameworks available. The principle that guides us in doing business is modern programming challenges. We gladly take on any new opportunity put in our way as we love to get creative and busy.