Our projects

Other than doing projects for our clients, we also enjoy realizing our own ideas and, as a result, have some great final products. Go through the list of all our projects to use them as references, inspiration or perhaps try some of them out yourself!



TicTol is a project management software with a set of intelligent features that make your work better organized and more automated, meaning less work for you.

The main functionalities of the software are time tracking and task management, but it also includes all other elements important for you to successfully manage your business or everyday projects.

With its simple and user-friendly interface, TicTol lets you quickly adjust to your new virtual workspace – a place where you can communicate with your team members, share files, brainstorm ideas, resolve issues and always have an eye on all your deadlines.



As a very simple, but very unique task management tool, TicList helps you manage all your everyday tasks.

What makes it simple is a single line used to create tasks, and what makes it unique is its own expression language. By using this expression language, you will be able to create tasks in just a couple of easy steps.

These are the keys to creating tasks with TicList – simplicity and speed: you type in the task, click Enter, and you are ready to start working.