We are convinced that research is a great way to motivate your team, as well as build something unique that can later shape your business and turn your company into one of the market leaders.


Question Answering Systems

Question answering is a computer science discipline within the field of natural language processing. It is based on building automated systems of questions and answers through the interaction of humans and computers.

We are currently researching interaction in the domain of software project management. Our main goal is to create a quality module, which would use an intelligent system of questions and answers to help project managers and others who manage projects achieve the maximum level of success.

To test our hypotheses, we are using our own successful project, TicTol, which served as motivation to start this research project.


Text Summarization

Text Summarization is a process of extracting the most important data from a data source (text) and creating a short human-readable text which best describes the source text.

We are collecting data from the field of software process management and are trying to create a corpus of words and terms that best describe this branch of industry.

The main goal is to achieve chat conversation summarization. Our hypotheses are also tested on our successful project, TicTol, as the final product of this research would play a major role in automatic task generation.


Parallelization of Statistical Research Calculations

Data presentation and visualization are often required in the projects we develop for our clients. The problem is when we deal with high-traffic applications, which have quite complicated statistics and require higher computing time.

We are researching parallelization possibilities of such processes, which we could then be able to apply on our clients’ projects in order to achieve better user experience.

The goal of this research is to create an algorithm which would parallelize the query group in a qualitative way and ultimately summarize the results into a final statistical dataset presentable to the end user.